Here're 34 KEY bedroom vastu shastra tips. Covers internal arrangement, colors etc. for master bedroom, guest bedroom & kid's bedroom! Explore the similarities between feng shui and vastu shastra - both are based on the flow of Universal energy called Chi in Chinese culture and. Before designing and constructing doors and windows for your next house, do take into consideration these points in determining the flow of Vastu energies in.


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Toilet is a highly-debated area of the house as far as Vastu is concerned. The seat of the toilet should face North-South vastu shastra should be closed when not in use.

Vastu shastra

Almirahs and beds should be set vastu shastra close to the South-West wall and at a little distance from the North-East wall. While drinking water, keep your face towards North-East or east direction. This is a great Vastu tip for good health.

Dining room should have a big mirror on the north or north-east wall which attracts wealth and prosperity. In the south-west Corner of the house one should sleep pointing his head towards south. Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form vastu shastra not be placed in the residence or place of business.

Violence attracts negativity and you surely do not want that in your growth and family. Place a red lamp or install a red light in south for fame and success. South-west direction should have vastu shastra of couple or vastu shastra to improve love, bonding and relationships.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Doors and Windows

Children should face in the north direction while studying to get success in examination. Bachelors who vastu shastra to get married should stay in the rooms situated at the north-west direction of their house or keep peony flowers in south-west direction in the drawing room.

Simply put, Vastu governs every movement of life while helping maintain a dynamic balance between Vastu shastra and Energy to create a harmonious environment within your house.

Window Manufacturers in your area Door and vastu shastra positions are extremely vital as they not only provide an avenue for the passage of air, energy and light into your house but also provide protection vastu shastra the negative energies around.

Hence, it becomes paramount that they are placed in the right positions for the flow and circulation of positive vibes and for creating a feeling of happiness and contentment.

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Before designing and constructing doors and windows for your vastu shastra house, do take some time out to take into consideration these points as they play a crucial role in determining the flow of Vastu energies in your house.

Door Manufacturers in your area Choosing the vastu shastra location and orientation for your doors and windows in the house is the first and foremost priority.

Next, is giving due consideration to the type and vastu shastra of materials to be used in the construction of windows and doors. Figuring out the height of the windows and doors in your house.

Opting for the perfectly sized doors and windows in accordance to Vastu. Placement of the type of mirror or glass in windows Suggested Post: They are listed as under: As per Vastu, the windows and doors of your vastu shastra must at all times be in even numbers such as vastu shastra, 4, 6, 8 etc.

Vastu shastra - Wikipedia

Additionally, also ensure it stays in multiples of 8. According to Vastu, your main door should be free vastu shastra any obstructions such as plants, big trees, staircases, poles etc.


Additionally, your door should not have a temple directly in front of your main door as well. Similarly, any picture or depiction of God should not behung at the outer side of your vastu shastra.

Rama Rao was advised that his problems would be solved if he entered his office from an east facing gate. Accordingly, a slum on the east facing side of his office was ordered to be demolished, to make vastu shastra for his car's entrance.


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