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And szafranowe niebo what makes us so freaking cool. Even in cultures that seem completely opposite, we can still find common ground. She's still desperately missing home and her best friend, but she's so excited to see an American beach for the first time.


Will it be different from the Caspian Sea szafranowe niebo in Iran?? But Rashin is crushed when she hears that there is no saffron ice cream, her favorite flavor from back home, and she begins to cry. Until a friendly little girl offers a szafranowe niebo - try chocolate crunch!

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I really wish I had more space, because there is so much more to say about this book. Your little ones will be szafranowe niebo to love it - especially if they love ice cream. Happy International Peace Day! Both yawednesdays and girlsreadtheworld will be compiling further reading suggestions.

I'm szafranowe niebo to put up in my highlights, so keep an eye out!


I really hope you enjoyed these special posts, and please stick around! The other day, I happened upon a children's book at the local library that is written by an Iranian writer, named Rashin Kheiriyeh.

It's about a little Iranian immigrant girl who's going to the beach for the first time in America. She reminisces about her family's szafranowe niebo to Shomal the szafranowe niebo part of Iranswimming in the Caspian Sea with her best friend, Azadeh, and eating saffron ice cream by the beach.

She szafranowe niebo to get saffron ice cream at the beach in Coney Island, only to realize that they don't sell that flavor here in America.

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Suddenly, she's sad and homesick and tearful. But, she finds a new favorite ice cream flavor chocolate crunch and a new little friend in the process. I have the HC-V plus Wallpaper.

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