Sword-Dancer has ratings and reviews. All I knew about the series is that's a fantasy saga of 6 books, and since I love fantasy and long series. Sword-Dancer Saga: two short stories - Kindle edition by Jennifer Roberson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Two short stories from the Sword-Dancer saga by fantasy author Jennifer Roberson, author of the Chronicles of the Cheysuli, the Sword-Dancer saga, the.


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The story is narrated by Tiger aka. That is to say, mercenary for hire with extreme skill and slightly mystic approach There is one advantage to reading vintage books. That is to say, mercenary for hire with extreme skill and slightly mystic approach to sword duels in a drawn circle.

Tiger is your sword dancer saga charming sword dancer saga and his macho man narrative is hilarious.

All hail the mighty alpha-romeo male! The books starts with him sitting in sword dancer saga cantine, with a prostitute on each knee and drinking when the most gorgeous woman walks in challenging his libido and sense of masculinity.

Jennifer Roberson

This gorgeous woman is, of course, Del surprise, surprise, also a sword dancer saga, just from far up north. She is not impressed with Tiger, but she needs his help in her quest. And so the fun begins. The story is build on the "opposites attract" premise.

The world is divided into North and South, described as similar and yet different like man and a woman, like day and night, like summer and winter. And so North is all ice and snow, while South is all sun and deserts.

But the differences go beyond the mere physicalities into the culture, traditions, patterns of belief and behaviour. Accordingly, Del is blue-eyed, fair and blonde, whereas Tiger is copper skin and black hair. He is slightly insane, seeing the Lion of Homana as a beast trying to kill him and sword dancer saga chain of rulers being broken in him.

Jennifer Roberson - Wikipedia

He goes on an adventure through his uncle's lands to find a wife, eventually sword dancer saga on Shona, Keely's daughter. They get married and Shona is heavily pregnant when Lochiel, Strahan's son, attacks Clankeep. Shona is slain and Aidan is knocked out, but Shona's child is saved and taken by Lochiel.

Aidan recovers and goes to find his son, confronting Lochiel and taking sword dancer saga son, Kellin, back.

Sword-Dancer Saga

He then decides to renounce his claim to the throne and become a shar'tal, a Cheysuli priest. Sword dancer saga Tapestry of Lions Vol. Shapechanger's Song Vol. Legacy of the Wolf Vol.

Children of the Lion Vol. Sword-Dancer Sword-Dancer is the story of Sandtiger, a famous Southron sword-dancer, who is hired by a Northern woman to guide her through the fierce sword dancer saga to rescue her brother, a slave in the South.

This woman, Delilah, or Del is a sword-singer who is as good as Tiger, and this grates on Tiger's Southron ideas.


Sword-Singer Sword-singer is about Tiger and Del traveling to the North because Del has been charged with sword dancer saga murder of her teacher, who she needed to kill to 'blood' her blade and then 'key' it, or awaken its magical properties.

Sword-Maker In Sword-Maker Tiger is tasked to stop an evil sorcerer from tormenting a small Northern village and Del finally faces the man who murdered her family sword dancer saga she was a child.

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Meanwhile, the two attempt to stop a southern tribal "holy war". Sword-Breaker Accused of murdering a man the Southron tribes believe to be their messiah, but who is actually the slayer of Del's family, Tiger and Del flee across the deadly Punja desert, hunted by religious zealots and sword-dancer assassins.

But evading death by assassins' blades is only one of the challenges they face. For Tiger's sword, Samiel, sword dancer saga been possessed by the spirit of the deadly sorcerer, Chosa Dei—a wizard out of legend with the power to unmake the entire world, a master of evil who seeks to mold Tiger into his ultimate weapon of destruction.

Tiger and Del have only one hope left—to find sword dancer saga gain the help of Chosa Dei's equally powerful counterpart and sworn enemy, Shaka Obre.


But Shaka Obre has not been seen in the world for hundreds of years, and it may be beyond even the combined magical abilities of Tiger and Del to find this wizard who is their only chance for salvation. But no journey is ever without complications for Sword dancer saga and Del.

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