NEW YORK -- For 20 juicy minutes, the revival of Larry Gelbart's "Sly Fox" makes a believer out of you. Deliverance comes during a second-act. Here is the cast of Sly Fox doing the same scene as in part 2, but with the dialogue as well. Sly Fox runs at. Emily Nussbaum interviews writer Larry Gelbart, whose play Sly Fox, modern adaptation of Ben Jonson's satire Volpone, is being revived.


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According to his biography at tcm. Scott was succeeded by Robert Preston.

Sly Fox by Larry Gelbart

There are many moments, most of them in the first act, when the actors don't pick up their cues as quickly as they should. Just because "fox" is in the play's title doesn't mean that these scenes can be played at fox-trot tempo; rather, sly fox by larry gelbart galop is called for.

Arthur Penn, who directed the production, presumably knows what's needed. He certainly supplied it before.


Designers Jenkins and Wolsky are also repeating their assignments, although Jenkins isn't doing the lighting now; Phil Monat is. Sly, and his indentured servant Simon Able.

The supporting cast is similarly accomplished. Pinchot derives most of his comedy from his ability to barely contain his childlike glee at getting Sly's money; Auberjonois's performance is an ideal combination of addled brain and angular body; Dishy is a model of protective lasciviousness; and York throws a spicy dash of Mae West into her vampy portrayal.

Wyman is all blustery bravado sly fox by larry gelbart one of the show's few straight roles, sly fox by larry gelbart Scolari is equally at home as the police chief spouting malapropisms or making unwanted advances on Mrs.

Supporters steal show in 'Sly Fox'

Professor Irwin Corey has only a few sly fox by larry gelbart, but makes the most of every one in the second act's manic trial scene. Only Berkley disappoints; lacking the abundant comic and dramatic resources of the other performers, she brings the requisite beauty to Mrs. Truckle but little else, and is particularly unconvincing when delivering the role's more devoutly religious lines.

Wigs by Paul Huntley.

Talkin' Broadway Review: Sly Fox

Fight staging by B. May be inappropriate for children 4 years of age and under. Telecharge Forget the date - Sly Fox is one play that is not out to fool you. The new production of Larry Gelbart's comedy that just opened sly fox by larry gelbart the Barrymore is a luscious reminder that plays with all-star casts don't need to sacrifice quality for marquee value.

Tag: summary and excerpts of Larry Gelbart - Sly Fox (based on Volpone by Ben Jonson)

After major disappointments this season with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Twentieth Century, this is a lesson Broadway audiences should be all too eager to relearn. Returning to the play after 28 years, Gelbart hasn't been content to sit around rehearsals shmoozing while the cast delivered his lines.

He's done sly fox by larry gelbart fair amount of tweaking, such that in many places throughout the script where there used to be one joke, there are now two -- or the same one enhanced. For his first-act closer, he realized that he could make something more of the fact that the play is set in San Francisco during the gaudy Barbary Coast days.

It won't sly fox by larry gelbart anyone's enjoyment of the show if it's mentioned that he gets a big laugh with the line "I'll not have my wife on anyone's tongue," though who says it and why won't be divulged here.

Sly Fox is worth its weight in laughs and is all the more valuable for its pithy roles, but it isn't actor-proof.

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