We have traveled in Mexico twice before, both times in Oaxaca, and now we want to get a taste of the Central Highlands. I know one week is. My question concerns the Sierra Gorda. Is there any way to work in a day trip, or at most an overnight trip, from Queretaro? We would like to see some of the. Learn about and visualise the protected area Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato (Biosphere Reserve), situated in Mexico.


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Is there any way to work in a day trip, or at most an overnight trip, from Queretaro?


We would like to see some of the mission villages and take in some of the natural beauty of the area. But as we have never been to Queretaro or Guanajuato, we want sierra gorda de guanajuato be sure we have enough time to explore those cities, so we can't take more than a day or overnight for Sierra Gorda.

Would that just be too frustrating and not worth it? Does anyone know of an English speaking guide or tour we could take, so we sierra gorda de guanajuato not use most of our time trying to figure out how to get around?

Does this sound like a possible solution, or too much for one day?

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Thanks so much for your feedback! It received 10, Euros to help fund its projects.

Sierra Gorda

Only eco tourism, research activities, traditional economic activities and low impact development is allowed in the nucleus. The largest changes are seen in arid versus wetter zones, which can often be sierra gorda de guanajuato nearby, with foliage changing from rainforest to pine forest to desert landscapes.


This has taken pressure off of local natural resources, as agriculture, livestock production and logging lessen. Many of the people who have left are in the United States and send money back home.

This money has spurred the building of larger homes and the proliferation of pick up trucks, many with U. It has also allowed for the change sierra gorda de guanajuato gas over firewood for cooking, but garbage has become a problem.

Queretaro, Guanajuato, Sierra Gorda in one week - Queretaro Forum

However, overall the depopulation has been positive for the recuperation of the biosphere. Illegal logging is still a very serious problem, as the area has attracted loggers from outside.

This has led to springs sierra gorda de guanajuato river drying up and eroding of topsoil. While strict environmental protection laws exist, enforcement is lacking.

These include the roundheaded pine beetleEuropean mistletoe and caterpillars.


Some residents see the event as divine will but others place global warming. It is not know how much of the oaks, junipers and pines that make up most of the forested areas have been compromised but there are visible yellow patches seen sierra gorda de guanajuato the otherwise green forest.

Queretaro, Guanajuato, Sierra Gorda in one week - Queretaro Forum - TripAdvisor

The pests have been able to infest sierra gorda de guanajuato because trees are weak due to drought conditions. Recently, the federal government along with the United Nations, began a program to pay private land owners for "environmental services" of between 18 and 27 US dollars for each hectare they conserve each year.

However, this only covers about landowners and Sierra gorda de guanajuato organization dedicated to this is Sierra Gorda Ecotours. The first contains a canyon which is meters deep.

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