Our minds were blown by our friends at Search Engine Land when we found this gorgeous infographic. It's rare to find an infographic that you. The folks over at Search Engine Land have created a great inforgraphic explaining search engine rankings factors as a periodic table of elements. It gives a. Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right.


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This is a relative guide to how important it is to focus on a particular factor versus seo periodic table and overall. But several factors working together, even if they are minor ones, can increase the odds in your favor. Violations are negative factors, spam activities that can harm your visibility.

We received over responses in all, and thanks to all those who helped! Forno new elements were added. Three seo periodic table had weight increases; two had weight decreases. Two elements were dropped entirely. The summary is below. Those surveyed agreed, giving it a 2. Speed — Google has continued to emphasize the importance seo periodic table speed as a ranking factor, including widely implementing the AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages format that it backs.

Those surveyed gave it an average weight of 2. Direct Answers — Both Google and Bing are increasingly showing direct answers that are culled from web pages above regular listings, something Google calls featured snippets.

Some publishers worry these are harmful, because if an actual answer is shown, why would people bother clicking to the source page? However, many others compete to be an answer, finding they do indeed drive traffic. That also matches up with survey respondents, who gave it a 2.

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

Factors with weight decreases: Site and personal search history Th: Survey respondents put it at 1. Factors that were dropped: Site identity and personal seo periodic table sharing Ti: However, those surveyed then gave it a 1.


Google also suggested that authorship was still being determined in other ways. Since then, Google has backed away from authorship entirely. To us, there seemed little reason to continue listing this factor at all.

We decided to drop it. Because of this, we decided this factor deserved to be dropped. Survey respondents gave it an average weight of 1. People were asked to rate these seo periodic table the survey.

The average for app indexing was 1. We ultimately felt those were better considered as part of the existing mobile factor Am and decided not to add them seo periodic table new elements.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors - Search Engine Land

Here are seo periodic table notable diversions from the survey, where factors did not have their existing weights changed. For example, in HTML factors, we recommend paying attention to: Or whether an H1 header tag carries more weight than an H2 header tag.

We avoid all that, because we feel it goes seo periodic table much into unnecessary and possibly confusing depth for many people.

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