Pretiosissimum Donum Dei. This famous work has a series of flasks in which the evolution of the white and red stones is described. It first appears in the 15th. Title, Donum Dei (Alchemical treatise). Origin, Germany or Austria. Date, 2nd half of the 15th century. Language, Latin. Script, Gothic cursive. Decoration, The Pretiosissimum Donum Dei, 'the most precious gift of God', is an important I have identified over 60 manuscripts of the Donum Dei, the earliest dating from.


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Some of the woodcut images have precedents in earlier 15th-century German pretiosissimum donum dei literature, especially in the Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit ca.

The Mother hath not conceived, behold I come to thee, and am most ready to conceive a form, to whom is none like in the world. And he is borne between two mountains, you know the truth. This book is followed according to Hermes Trismegistus, he varieth not from him in any text for that you may pretiosissimum donum dei.

Although he will not declare his name that all his ground and foundation is Hermes as aforesaid.


No chapter of him that is left untouched in this book, wherefore be sure to follow it for there is no surer author nor none like, it varieth not from any that anciently hath written of this Art and he hath spoken more plainly than ever was written of any other, if God give grace that he that pretiosissimum donum dei it may perceive and understand, to whom be all honour and glory.

How the bodies be dissolved into Argent Vive of Philosophers that is into water. The Matter of the Stone pretiosissimum donum dei a gross water agent, or that is a cold, congealing the water.

And pretiosissimum donum dei those stones to be more precious, which proceedeth from the animals than the other, Thou canst not prepare any kind of stone without Duenech, the green and liquid which is born in our mines.

The 'Donum Dei'

Some behold the last Mountains which be on the right hand and the left, and ascend thither where our stone is found, and in the mountain which beareth all manner of kinds of Spirits pretiosissimum donum dei Aromatic or secret things, likewise in the mine of the stone which is necessary in this work, is of an augmate or a levinge thing.

You pretiosissimum donum dei find it every where, in the plains, on pretiosissimum donum dei mountains, and in the waters, as well the poor as the rich hath it. It is most vile and it is most dear. It groweth of flesh and blood. O how precious it is to him that knoweth it.

O blessed greenness which engendereth all things. O blessed Nature, blessed is thine operation, for of an imperfect thou makest a perfect.

Therefore take not this Nature but pure pretiosissimum donum dei clean, crude, clear, earthly, pure and pretiosissimum donum dei. If thou do otherwise it shall not profit thee nothing. Let we go seek the nature of the 4 Elements, which the [Amptys.

Here is made the Solution of philosophers and it is made our Argent vive. How the bodies be dissolved into water and is made a new body.

The 'Donum Dei'

Our Stone is a body without sound mortifying and quickening, so that nothing contrary enter with our stone, but put himself only conjoin the servant to his odoriferous sister and between them the art shall be engendered.

For if the white woman be married to the pretiosissimum donum dei man anon they do embrace and so [hawsinge] be coupled together, by themselves they be dissolved, and by themselves they be made, that they that were two is made as it were one body.

And know that there be three perfect colours from the which all the others take there beginning. The first is black, the second white, and the third red, there be many other colours, but they be not to be cared for, for they vanish away oftentimes before the whiteness, Then is made the commixtion of two bodies, and it is necessary in our Magistery, and if there were pretiosissimum donum dei one only body of the two, in our Stone, it should now go be tincture by any manner of means, and therefore it is necessary the conjunction of these two bodies, which two when they be conjoined, and received in the commixtion of the Stone, the Stone is engendered in the belly of the wind, and that is that which the philosopher saith.

The wind hath born him in his belly, it is plain that the wind is Air, and Air is life, and the life is the Soul, that is oil, and water. I that am exalted above all the circles of the world have four faces having one father, whereof one is in the mountains, an other in the Air, another in the Stones, and another in the caverns or hollow places.

Pretiosissimum Donum Dei

Of the four Elements this Stone is compounded or made. Here be the pretiosissimum donum dei wholly dissolved into our Argent vive, and is made water permanent fixed white as the tears of the eye.

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Here is made the putrefaction of Philosophers which was never seen and is called sulphur. Convert the natures of the Elements and thou shalt find what thou seekest. To convert the natures is to make a body a spirit in pretiosissimum donum dei Magistery, first we make of gross thin, and of a body water, and by consequent we make that which is beneath as that which is above, and the contrary, for the bodies dissolved are reduced to the nature of spirits, and they be never separated asunder, like as water is mixed with water, and truly pretiosissimum donum dei the regiment and work is none other, but water permanent having in himself all things which we need.

Therefore hold fast that water which is good operations, for he maketh white to white, and red to red, it is on and the same thing which hath in him flesh or soul; the agent, or calx, and the 4 Elements, to whom it hath dominion, it is not made of other Elements which agreeth not in his nature.

The putrefaction of the Philosophers is the head of the Crow a blackness transparent and shining.

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