A press release is an official statement about your business sent to journalists and media outlets that informs a relevant audience about newsworthy information. A press release is a written document prepared for the media – also called the press - that announces something newsworthy. press release definition: 1. a public statement given to the press to publish if they wish2. a written statement from a person or group that is given to newspapers.


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Elements[ edit ] An example of a press release, a Wikipedia press release template prepared by the Wikimedia Foundation communications team Technically, anything deliberately sent to a reporter or media source is considered a press release: However, public relations press release definition often follow a standard format that they believe is efficient and increases their odds of getting the publicity they press release definition.

The format is supposed to help journalists separate press releases from other PR communication methods, such as pitch letters or media advisories. Generally, a PR body consists of 4 to 5 paragraphs with word limit ranging from to Kristen also recommends pitching writers directly over pitching editors saying: These have been built over the years from the days when I was the writer presenting to my editors.

Starting a new relationship with me as an editor, the most successful pitches have been those offering high profile interviews editors that still write columns will want to take these for themselves before passing them off to junior writers or highly specific content, like an original guest press release definition.

Headline — used to grab the attention of journalists and press release definition summarize the news. Dateline — contains the release date and usually the originating city of press release definition press release.


If the date listed is after the date that the information was actually sent to the media, then the sender is requesting a news embargowhich journalists are under no obligation to honor.

Introduction — first paragraph in a press release, that generally gives basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why. Body — press release definition explanation, press release definition, background, or other details relevant to the news.

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  • Press Release | Definition of Press Release by Merriam-Webster
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Boilerplate — generally a short "about" section, providing independent background on the issuing company, organization, or individual.

Close — in North America, traditionally the symbol "" appears after the boilerplate or body and before the media contact information, indicating to media that the release has ended. A more modern equivalent press release definition been the " " symbol. In other countries, other means of indicating the end of the release may be used, such as the text "ends".

Media contact information — name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or press release definition contact information for the PR or other media relations contact person.

What is press release? definition and meaning -

As the Internet has assumed growing prominence in the news cycle, press release definition release writing styles have necessarily press release definition. An alternative is the self-published press release. In this approach, press releases are either sent directly to local newspapers or to free and paid distribution services.

Video news releases[ edit ] Further information: Often, the VNRs are aired without the stations' identifying or attributing them as such. TV news viewers can often detect the use of VNRs within television newscasts; for example, many movie-star "interviews" are actually VNRs, taped on a set which is located at the movie studio and decorated with the movie's logo.

Another frequent example of VNRs masquerading as news footage is videotapes of particular medical "breakthroughs," that are really produced and distributed by pharmaceutical companies for press release definition purpose of selling new medicines.


Video press release definition releases can be in the form of full blown productions costing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. They can also be in the TV news format, or even produced for the web.

Press release

Recently, many broadcast news outlets have discouraged the use of VNRs. Many stations, citing an already poor public perception, want to increase their credibility.

Public relations companies are having a tougher time getting their pre-edited video aired. VNRs can press release definition turned into podcasts then posted onto newswires.


Further to this, a story can be kept running longer by engaging "community websites", which are monitored and commented on by many journalists and features press release definition. Embargoing[ edit ] Sometimes a press release is distributed early and embargoed — that is, news organizations press release definition requested not to report the story until a specified time.

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