PMDG NGX(8) PMDG (3) PMDG Jetstream (3) Steps to Running your PMDG product in Prepar3D v3 PMDG / QOTS II(2). PMDG Boeing - what happens after purchase and before the first flight? PMDG configuration tutorial and introduction to the manuals. Pmdg Manuals. Do you enjoy reading or your need a lot of educational materials for your work? These days it has become a lot easier to get books and.


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Newbies may want to rush straight in and start playing with their new toy, but old hands will sagaciously take the time to have a good hard look at the documentation first.

Here left is the list of documentation which is included pmdg 777 manuals your But the two manuals by PMDG are just as essential.

Knowledge Base

Please note that Tutorial-2, in traditional PMDG fashion, is scheduled pmdg 777 manuals arrive with the forthcoming SP1 to fix the issues that have been found by thousands of hard-core simmers following the release — see this link for details: As this review proceeds I pmdg 777 manuals inevitably be returning, from time to time, to items covered in the Introduction.

If there is a PMDG leit-motif which recurs frequently with reference pmdg 777 manuals the it is this one: This is a completely new and different airplane. Inured as I am to some of the biting comments on the PMDG forums, even I was a little startled by the vehemence of some of the replies to such questions, asked as they were in all innocence — albeit, admittedly, by people who had failed to read the supplied carefully-prepared manuals in which the answers were already given.

Nonetheless, it also has to be admitted that just as the NGX in its day was a new and breath-taking experience for simmers, the is even more refreshingly sparkling and innovative. In that respect, therefore and that respect only then yes, OK, it could be said to be a sort of NGX on steroids.

Boeing – PMDG Part 2 Configuration and Manuals • C-Aviation

Well, as seen from a flying perspective all I can suggest is this: But then, I take pmdg 777 manuals vlying virtual flying somewhat seriously. I assure you that the time you spend reading will be time well spent!


OK, climbing down from my soap box, let me now start to describe the initial experience which you get when you finally install the If you have any PMDG aircraft from the J41 onwards, the Operations Center will now handle your updates to both aircraft and liveries — You pmdg 777 manuals note in the picture above that the BA livery has an update pmdg 777 manuals, and this can be installed simply by clicking on the Update button see right.

But the Operations Center also has many more goodies in store.

Each time you open it, it checks online for any applicable updates to your software — including to itself — and flags up a Notification message if so. It also has provision to create a package of information about your system that can be sent to PMDG Support to pmdg 777 manuals them in determining a problem, as well as receiving support or replacement files from pmdg 777 manuals, via a ptp file.

There is provision to search for specific liveries, and add them with a single mouse click left.


You can even adjust the configuration of each aircraft without the need to do so via the PMDG menu in the CDU; and also see exactly which aircraft will be affected by the configuration file you are changing below. Naturally, you can access and view the documentation pdf files pmdg 777 manuals here, too.

How can I get manuals before installation? - PMDG - The AVSIM Community

A paint kit is also available from the PMDG site for those like me who prefer pmdg 777 manuals fly their own livery — and that, too, is beautifully done. Using the Operations Center you can freely download a range of liveries for both, including both real world and also fictional variants.


This contrasts well with certain developers who charge for additional liveries — and, as previously mentioned, pmdg 777 manuals can create your own, too, using the paint kit which is also free.

Now I pmdg 777 manuals no expert when it comes to painting aircraft as an examination of my house livery clearly showsbut on taking a really close look at the I was amazed at the exquisite detail which has been modelled.

But hopefully these will give you some idea….

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