In this multipart series, learn how important new features such as Database Replay, Flashback Data Archive, Edition-based Redefinition, and SecureFiles work. This article – the first in this series – summarizes some of oracle 11gR2's more intriguing new features and discusses how those features might. Oracle Database 11g: New Features For Administrators OCP Exam Articles . in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Oracle 11gR2 allows better management of.


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Many new change assurance or "Real Application Testing," as Oracle calls it features in Oracle Database 11g bring that oracle 11gr2 new features closer to reality. The Database Replay tool, for example, allows you to capture production database workload and replay it in a test or even the same database to assess the impact of change.

Many scenarios require the bulk transformation of a large number of rows. Using an ordinary SQL statement suffers from the all-or-nothing effect.


In the common case, where the transformation of one row is independent of that of other rows, it is correct to commit every row that is transformed successfully and to roll back every row where the transformation fails.

Some customers have implemented schemes to achieve this from scratch, using the Oracle Scheduler and suitable methods to record progress. This package provides a supported solution and adds database-wide manageability through new catalog views for parallel task metadata.

Oracle 11gr2 new features package is especially useful in online application upgrade scenarios to apply a crossedition trigger to all the rows in the table on which it is defined. This provides significantly reduced maintenance time and more fast refreshes are possible.

Oracle Database Data Warehousing Guide for details 4. This feature enhances ETL mapping developer productivity, especially on large and complex mappings and, for example, when working with complex data sources with large numbers of tables, views, or columns.

Oracle Discoverer integration was oracle 11gr2 new features in a previous release, and includes derivation of metadata for Discoverer from the data warehouse design, and deploying those derived objects into Discoverer.

Oracle Database 11g: The Top New Features for DBAs and Developers

All business intelligence application objects are modeled in OWB and can be included in lineage and impact analysis at the column level. Customers using Oracle business intelligence tools with their Oracle data warehouses can get better answers from their warehouses faster, oracle 11gr2 new features no additional design or development effort.

This enhancement saves time and reduces errors in the development of complex ETL mappings that reuse common or similar elements. This feature improves usability of the multi-configuration feature.

Flat files are frequently used for simple and high performance data movement in ETL applications. These changes improve ETL developer productivity and provide flexible handling of flat files in more scenarios. Improved support simplifies using table functions for much more flexible and powerful transformations, such as user-defined aggregations and data mining sampling operators.

This feature makes it possible to oracle 11gr2 new features and extend the functionality of the mapping editor, improving developer productivity. Developers can finish more of their work in one place when creating operators in ETL mappings, thus improving their productivity.

This hides complexity in mappings. Users can also spotlight a single operator, which temporarily hides all objects in the mapping except for those objects that connect directly to the operator.

Oracle 11g Release 2 (11gR2) New Features List

These features improve productivity for developers oracle 11gr2 new features with complex mappings with large numbers of operators. This change improves productivity of OWB administrators responsible for managing locations across control centers.

These changes improve Oracle Warehouse Builder administrator and developer productivity in heterogeneous and Oracle-only environments.

More efficient use of screen real estate. Support for non-equality lookups.

The Second 5 top new features in Oracle Database 11gR2

Dynamic lookups, where the lookup table may be modified during the mapping execution. Oracle Database Testing Guide for details 1. Optimization of flashback data archive history tables provides better storage efficiency and better performance for flashback queries on the change history without additional intervention oracle 11gr2 new features by the DBA.

The -cleanupOBase flag of the deinstallation tool is desupported. There is no replacement for this flag.

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