Mobile Marketing Association is a non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain. The latest Tweets from Mobile Marketing Asc (@MMAglobal). Accelerating the transformation of marketing through #mobile. Mobile Marketing Association. The latest Tweets from Mobile Marketing Asc (@MMAglobal). Accelerating the transformation of marketing through #mobile. Mobile Marketing Association.


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Most companies have acknowledged the potential of Mobile Apps to increase the interaction between a company and its target customers.


With the mobile marketing association progress and growth of the smartphone market, high-quality Mobile app development is essential to obtain a strong position in a mobile app store.

Here are several models for APP marketing.


Content embedded mode For the most part at present, the downloadding APP from APP store is free, for APP development enterprise, need a way to flow to liquidate, implantable advertising and APP combines content marketing and game characters to seamlessly mobile marketing association user experience, so as to improve advertising hits.

Advertising model advertisement implantation mode is a common marketing mode in most APP applications. mobile marketing association

Mobile Marketing Association to Create Privacy Guidelines | Inside Privacy

Through Mobile marketing association ads, consumer announcements, or in-screen advertising, users will jump to the specified page and display the advertising content when users click.

This model is more intuitive, and can attract users' attention quickly.


User mobile marketing association mode is mainly applied to website transplantation and brand APP. The company publishes its own brand APP to the APP store for users to download, so that users can intuitively understand the enterprise or product information better.

As a practical tool, this Mobile marketing association brings great convenience to users' life. User reference mode enables users to have a more intimate experience, so that users can understand the product, enhance the brand image of the enterprise, and seize the user's heart.

The shopping website embedded mode is the traditional Internet electric business offering platforms in the mobile APP, which is convenient for users to browse commodity information mobile marketing association and anywhere, order to purchase and order tracking.

This model has promoted the transformation of traditional e-commerce enterprises from shopping to mobile Internet channels, which is a necessary way to use mobile APP for online and offline interactive development, such as amazon, eBay and so on.

The above several patterns for the more popular marketing methods, as for the details while are not mentioned too much, but the hope can help you to APP marketing have a preliminary understanding, and on the road more walk more far in the marketing.

This means a trend towards more complex and more sophisticated, richer game play. On the other side, there are the so-called casual games, i. Mobile Marketing is broadly defined as including advertising, apps, messaging, mCommerce and CRM on mobile marketing association mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

For information about the MMA please visit mobile marketing association.

Mobile Marketing Association

Handheld device manufacturers, carriers and operators Retailers Service mobile marketing association MMA committees are spearheaded by mobile industry experts mobile marketing association collaborate on continuously evolving industry initiatives.

Tuesday, February 7, - To facilitate greater understanding and education around how brands and marketers can successfully use mobile to connect, engage and sell to consumers, the MMA Germany has hosted a mobile marketing association of events and dinners examining trends and opportunities around key topics including mobile video, mobile retail and the future of mobile in cities including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Fulfilling its remit to provide a platform for sharing practical know-how and actionable insights to benefit the business ecosystem in Germany and beyond, the MMA Germany will also host a series of masterclasses during dmexco free-of-charge to attendees.

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