On Jan 1, Fernando Bacal (and others) published: Uso de Marcapasso Provisório e Definitivo em Pacientes Submetidos a Transplante Cardíaco. Descrevemos um caso raro de implante de marcapasso definitivo em gestante, portadora de valvopatia mitral reumática, previamente submetida à valvoplastia. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Gomes MBLS and others published QT Longo Congênito em Portador de Marcapasso Definitivo e Nefropatia.


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We analyzed the variables obtained by cardiopulmonary exercise test form TEE and quality of life questionnaires SF36 and Marcapasso definitivo at study start and after four months of follow-up.

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The mean age was The average time of use of MCD was Marcapasso definitivo initial average VO2max of the population was Data was collected from August to June All volunteers provided written informed consent. Clinically stable patients of both genders aged 18 and older, marcapasso definitivo three and 12 months of PM implantation, and who provided written informed consent, were included in the study.

Marcapasso definitivo excluded were the ones who did not understand the test sequence; were speech, hearing or mentally impaired; or did not wish to participate in the study. Volunteers were assessed using a protocol developed by the researchers according to the literature [ 1617 ], which included: In addition, specific tests were also performed, such as marcapasso definitivo class according to Goldman's Specific Activity Scale [ 1819 ] marcapasso definitivo QoL questionnaire.

Every domain has specific items with five response categories, with values ranging from 1 to 5. Individual scores obtained for each of the marcapasso definitivo were added up and computed using the formula marcapasso definitivo in Formula 1. Final scores can range from zero all complaints to no complaintswhere a score of represents perfect QoL [ 712 ].

Evaluation of patients' quality of life aspects after cardiac pacemaker implantation

Sum of the points was done according to what has been described in the literature for each of the questionnaires and the domains were graded by a specific calculation ranging from marcapasso definitivo to A low numeric score reflects poor health perception, marcapasso definitivo of function, and presence of pain whereas a high numeric score reflects good health perception, preserved function, and absence of pain [ 1619 ].

Therefore, a cut-off point of 50 mean score was established to determine the best and worst domains. Domains with scores lower than marcapasso definitivo represent worse QoL and those with scores 50 or over represent better QoL [ 2021 ].

Statistical analysis Data were summarized using tables. Among these, there is its relation to physical activities and training programs. Methods - prospective, singlecenter, randomized trial marcapasso definitivo included patients with atrioventricular MCD with sinus marcapasso definitivo and ventricular normal, sedentary, aged between 18 and 80 years.


Patients were divided marcapasso definitivo three groups: We analyzed the variables obtained by cardiopulmonary exercise test form TEE and quality of life questionnaires SF36 and Aquarel at study start and after four months of follow-up.

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