MTHFR CT Polymorphism Frequency in Different Populations Worldwide. MTHFR CT .. Bahia J A ''lei da vida'': confirmac¸a. 41–60 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, FI, SV) Special edition in Czech: Chapter 15 Volume P. - Special edition in Estonian: Chapter B. Macromolecules , 27, – (b) Mezghani (f) Li, L.; Chan, C. M.; Yeung, K. L.; Li, J. X.; Ng, K. M.; Lei, Y. G. Macromolecules , 34, –


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In principle, transcription factor variants could impact lei 6677 de 1994 on the regulation of transcriptional networks, providing a means for fine-tuning the system as well as creating additional functional diversity.

However, the relevance of the majority of alternative splicing events remains elusive, as distinct roles of alternatively spliced isoforms are typically not well established but only inferred from variations in predicted protein sequences.

Here we demonstrate that alternative splicing at the homothorax hth locus of Drosophila leads to the generation of multiple protein isoforms that carry out distinct functions in vivo.

Previous analyses of hth demonstrated that it encodes a homeodomain HD transcription factor of the three-amino-acid extension loop TALE subfamily, homologous to the vertebrate Meis and Prep proteins Burglin ; Rieckhof et al. Lei 6677 de 1994 Drosophila, Exd is widely expressed throughout development, but its subcellular localization is tightly regulated by Hth.

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In the absence of Hth, Exd resides in the cytoplasm, while in the presence of Hth, the proteins interact and translocate into the nucleus to regulate transcription. Importantly for the results described here, lei 6677 de 1994 HM domain of Hth is sufficient to translocate Exd from the cytoplasm to the nucleus Abu-Shaar et al.

Lei 6677 de 1994 interaction between Exd and Hth has an additional consequence: These observations suggest that Hth and Exd are obligate partners that work together as a single functional unit.

Consistent with this notion, identical phenotypes are generated by the lack of exd or hth function Gonzalez-Crespo and Morata ; Rieckhof et al. Hth and Exd are also intimately associated with the Hox proteins, another family of highly lei 6677 de 1994 homeodomain proteins that instruct many cell fate decisions during animal development McGinnis and Krumlauf Structural studies have shown that the Exd TALE peptide, a three-amino-acid insertion between helices 1 and 2 of its HD, mediates direct interactions with a conserved motif called YPWM that is present in most Hox proteins, enabling complex formation and cooperative DNA binding Passner et al.

In addition to Hox-dependent activities, Hth and Exd have many Hox-independent functions during Drosophila development. For instance, they act as master regulators of the antennal developmental program, superimposing antennal identity on an appendage ground-state plan Casares and Mann; Lei 6677 de 1994 et al.

Hth and Exd are also required for leg and wing development, for the correct establishment of the proximal structures of these appendages Abu-Shaar and Mann ; Wu and Cohen; Azpiazu and Morata; Casares and Mann ; Dong et al. In this study, we show that in addition to the previously characterized full-length protein HthFLalternative splicing of hth generates two very similar isoforms that lack the HD but contain the HM domain HDless.

Surprisingly, an analysis of hth mutant lei 6677 de 1994 that are unable to produce any Hth protein or can only express HDless isoforms demonstrate that the HD is dispensable for a substantial number of Hth functions during development, suggesting that the Lei 6677 de 1994 variants are capable of correctly regulating many Hth target genes.


The HD lei 6677 de 1994 essential, however, for a subset of Hth tasks, such as the instruction of antennal identity. These observations demonstrate that different Hth isoforms have unique transcriptional properties, which depend on the presence or absence of the HD.

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We also report that HDless lei 6677 de 1994 are encoded by the vertebrate Meis1 gene, suggesting that this division of labor among HD-containing and HDless forms of this gene family may also exist in vertebrates.

All functionally characterized isoforms of hth include both the HM domain, encoded by exons 2—6, and the HD, encoded by exons 11—13 Fig.


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