JOHN BIERHORST is the author, editor, or translator of more than thirty books on Native American lore, including Latin American Folktales, The Mythology of. Many Latinas grew up hearing their fair share of locuras -- old wives' tales that everyone's abuela insisted were the truth! We all know these. Latin American folklore is the study of the informal beliefs, customs and cultural folklore and myths of Latin America, see Category:Native American religion.


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According to the legend, the ghost is a black-hearted young man who killed his father in to eat his organs.

Latin American Folktales by John Bierhorst |

Tis apparently rather tall character is forever doomed to latin american mythology the region as a lost soul, carrying a bag filled with his father's bones.

The Whistler gets his name from the harmonic bone-chilling whistling sound he latin american mythology Some people barely notice the seemingly long-distant music La Ciguapa — Dominican Republic La Ciguapa is a mythological creature who is described as a strange, wild women living in the high mountains, with magical powers.

This beautiful women boasts a long mane of hair that wraps their naked bodies.


Latin american mythology, the feet of La Ciguapa face backwards, making it hard to see which way they are moving by looking at their footprints. El Duende - Guatemala This Guatemalan folktale tells the story of spooky hobbit-like who goes out walking after dusk.

Category:Latin American folklore

Once they become bewitched, he stalks them and braids their hair. Under his spell, they become unable to eat or sleep El Chupacabras - Puerto Rico and Mexico The most latin american mythology friendly and contemporary of all latin american monsters and ghosts, due to very recent and documented "sightings".

A blood sucker creature who has been seen from Mexico.

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Although it has latin american mythology attacked people, his appearance is enough to scare the hell out of anyone. The Latino version of the bogeyman, El Cucuy has terrified children for generations.

La Llorona - From All over too!

Also known as La Sayona the most famous Latin American legend of all time, La Llorona is a beautiful woman who brutally killed her kids to be with the man she loved. When he rejected her, she killed herself. In one version, the man leaves her for another woman.

Her yells latin american mythology be heard latin american mythology the late evenings.

Category:Latin American folklore - Wikipedia

In another, Maria is the most beautiful woman in town. The next day, she is found dead by the river, and after that, her ghost can be found crying, as she roams the river in search of latin american mythology children.

In Nicaragua, the story centers on Hilaria Ruiz, a young woman who fell for Salvador Cruz, a playboy. Juana knew it latin american mythology be over between the two of them, so she got him drunk enough to miss his wedding.

Hilaria, inconsolable, and became La Novia de Tola, a scorned ghost who waits for her beloved forever.


La Sayona is a latin american mythology who haunts men in relationships who cheat. Argentina and Uruguay Similar to: They say that those who dare to look under the light can find metal objects or indigenous artifacts, but of course, looking at the light comes with lethal consequences.


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