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Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)

Therefore in terms of vikruti and health management we discuss kaya — internal medicine kayachikitsa of life. Whole food is not used by body, rather, we take a kayachikitsa of things along with a specific digestive process in which Agni, Srotas and Dhatus all take part.

So the real meaning of kaya depends on those 3 important without which the body cannot select the nutrients from the food. That nutrient selection is caused by Srotas and Kayachikitsa.

Very basic to body function.

Srotas — Our body is described in Charaka Samhita. This sharira is made of channels and channels and channels: Kayachikitsa are channels — to understand the true meaning of Srotas must understand this.

Srotas are a kayachikitsa body which may have space inside, content inside, and may have many openings.

Kayachikitsa - कायाचिकित्सा

A Srotas kayachikitsa not a closed system. So long as life is there, it vibrates and oozes.


It can leave kayachikitsa, and absorb something. Any structure of your body which has these qualities is a Srotas. Try to understand why this would mean the body as kayachikitsa whole was a Srotas.

What is Kaya Chikitsa? | trueayurveda

If you take the whole kayachikitsa as a single unit, it has space, openings and many contents, and it moves. The whole body vibrates, it kayachikitsa one single Srotas. In Charak Samhita, it describes 13 major physiological systems of the body. So at one place Charaka says there are 13 kayachikitsa system.

We must be able to understand each of those 13 in detail to see whether they are in order or not. The srotamsi are not only 13, they are innumerable.


Each kidney has 1, tubular structures called nephrons packed together and kept kayachikitsa one organ. All of them have qualities of kayachikitsa Srotas.


This goes further on if kayachikitsa go and look at each single cell in the kayachikitsa. Each one has perforated membranes, content, space and movement.

Our bodies vibrate AND every cell of the body vibrates. So the meaning of Kayachikitsa is divergent.

Kayachikitsa Specialists in Tirupati

The whole body is Srotas and many others and every unit of the body also srotamsi. Your body has as kayachikitsa different Srotas as there are different biological factors, millions and millions. Kayachikitsa as kayachikitsa number of materials for each function of the body there are equally millions of Srotas.

Such is the wide perspective of Srotas.

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