In case you didn't know, your iPad already comes loaded with Apple's own e-reader app called iBooks that works seamlessly with iOS. Though it's unlikely you'll want to consume War and Peace on your iPhone, having a few e-books on board for a quick read on the train or your. Finding the best ebook app for your iPhone can be a trial and error process in good ebook reader app, and it integrates nicely with Barnes & Noble's webstore.


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You can buy the exact same iphone ebook reader from Amazon, Kobo, or Google and read them on a multitude of devices, not just one platform and brand. To make things easier, this list of best iOS reading apps is broken down into a few different categories.


If you use Google Play Books, translations are performed in two taps, and you can not only translate single words, but entire paragraphs.

The feature is so convenient that after Google launched Play Books in Poland I almost completely stopped using Kindle for iOS, my previous default e-reading iPhone app.

Google Play Books is not ideal, however. iphone ebook reader

10 Best iOS Reading Apps for iPads and iPhones

If you are not into Google Play Books, you iphone ebook reader still translate single words in any e-reading app that offers Google look-up.

There are two steps to get a translation: Highlight the word and tap on Google or Google reference, or Google lookup in a pop-up window.

Find a more detailed explanation in this post. iphone ebook reader

iphone ebook reader To me, instant translation is one of the most important features that could remove language barriers and popularize e-reading and reading in general across the world.

Add book sources to your news app A lot more iPhone users read news via RSS feed apps rather than read books. Iphone ebook reader like Feedly or Flipboard can be a great way to discover new ebooks to read. Getting books to the daily source of news is a good way to keep in touch with book reading.

Quick guide to using iPhone as e-reader

You can add book sources to a news application as long as they offer RSS feed. I recommend two major sources: There is another app that has me open it in different places. I like the fact that I have my books in different places.

Some of my iphone ebook reader do not have the cover art.

5 Fantastic Free iPhone E-book Reader Apps

Stanza Although other e-reader apps support such titles, Stanza makes access to the 50, free e-books of Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks easy, and offers a similar number of titles you can pay for though partner stores. Highlights of the Amazon-owned app include the ability to slide your finger across the screen to turn the page — a real winner for those not quite prepared to turn their back on the paper book experience.

The option to make the background black and text white, therefore allowing you iphone ebook reader read in the dark, appears to have saved many a marriage if the reader reviews are to be believed.

Iphone ebook reader differentiates Wattpad from similar apps is the user-generated content.

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