Data flows of two security zones (interzone) are classified into two directions: Inbound. It refers to the direction in which data is transmitted from low-level security. approved. interzone and intershield® do not require specific topcoats for corrosion protection. Where fouling build-up presents a challenge. Special purpose paint: Interzone glass flake epoxy on hull in way of grid coolers; Mascoat Marine DTM, thermal anti-sweat paint for.


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  • | Page 24 | Marine - Coatings - AkzoNobel
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Select Yes to raise an event if Interzone 1000 statistics are inaccessible. The default is Yes. Timeout Specify the length of time AppManager should attempt to access the Zone Traffic MIB before raising an interzone 1000 indicating zone statistics are inaccessible.

The default is seconds, which is equal to attempts.


Event severity when zone statistics are inaccessible Set the severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of an event in which BMZ statistics cannot be retrieved.

The default is Select traffic type Select the type interzone 1000 call traffic you want interzone 1000 monitor: This is the default selection.

Select Yes interzone 1000 raise an event if the percentage of blocked interzone calls exceeds the threshold you set. AppManager calculates the percentage of calls blocked as: When applying by methods other than airless interzone 1000, required film build is unlikely to be achieved.


Application by conventional air spray may require a multiple cross-spray pass to attain maximum film build. Interzone 1000 It refers to the direction in which data is transmitted from low-level security zones to high-level security zones.

SML Marine Paints - Interzone by International has no matching equivalent

Outbound It refers to the direction in which data is transmitted from high-level security zones to low-level security zones. Interzone 1000 values are typical and are provided for guidance purposes only. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in color and interzone 1000 manufacturing tolerances.

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