Renaissance diplomat and part-time spy, William Hakluyt was also England's first serious geographer, gathering together a wealth of accounts about the. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. edited by Richard Hakluyt and Edmund Goldsmid. This is a volume. "Vol. IV." Part of a CIHM set. For individual microfiches in this set see CIHM microfiche nos. Caption title: The fourth volume of the.


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He died in when his son was aged about five years, and his wife Margery [1] followed soon after. Hakluyt's cousin, also named Richard Hakluytof the Middle Templebecame his guardian.

Richard Hakluyt

He took his Bachelor of Arts B. He was the first to show "both the old imperfectly composed and the new lately reformed mappes, globes, spheares, and other instruments of this art".

The pension would have lapsed inbut Hakluyt voyages and discoveries Cecil, 1st Baron Burghleyintervened to have it extended until to aid Hakluyt's geographical research. Hakluyt was a member of the chapter.

At the age of 30, being acquainted with "the chiefest captaines at sea, the greatest merchants, and hakluyt voyages and discoveries best mariners of our nation", [11] he was selected as chaplain and secretary to accompany Stafford, now English ambassador at the French court, to Paris in In accordance with the instructions of Secretary Francis Walsinghamhe occupied himself chiefly in collecting information of the Spanish and French movements, and "making diligent inquirie of such things as might yield any light unto our westerne hakluyt voyages and discoveries in America".

The manuscript, lost for almost years, was published for the first time in Hakluyt revisited England inand laid a copy of the Discourse before Elizabeth I to whom it had been dedicated together with his analysis in Latin of Aristotle 's Politicks.

His objective was to recommend the enterprise of planting the English race in the unsettled parts of North America, and thus gain the Queen's support for Raleigh's expedition.

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

Hakluyt's other works during his time in Paris consisted mainly of translations and compilations, with his own dedications and prefaces. These hakluyt voyages and discoveries writings, together with a few letters, are the only extant material out of which a biography of him can be framed.

In he published the first edition of his chief work, The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation, using eyewitness accounts as far hakluyt voyages and discoveries possible.

In the preface to this he announced the intended publication of the first terrestrial globe made in England by Emery Molyneux. Between and appeared the final, reconstructed and greatly enlarged edition of Hakluyt voyages and discoveries Principal Navigations, Voiages, Traffiques and Discoueries of the English Nation in three volumes.

In the dedication of the second volume to his patron, Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of SalisburyHakluyt strongly urged the minister as to the expediency of colonizing Virginia.

The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques & discoveries of the English nation

Hakluyt's great collection has been called "the Prose Epic of the modern English nation" by historian James Anthony Froude. He held this position until his death, and resided in Wetheringsett through the s and frequently thereafter.

The Second Edition London, G. Newberie, and R, Barker, folio, 3 vols. The celebrated voyage to Cadiz pages —19 of first volume is wanting in many copies. It was suppressed by order of Elizabeth, on the disgrace of the Earl of Essex. The first volume sometimes bears the date of It contains hakluyt voyages and discoveries.


The Third Edition London, printed by G. Woodfall—12, royal5 vols.


Since this edition, there has been no reprint of the Collection. I have taken upon myself to alter the order of the different voyages. I have grouped together those voyages which relate to the same parts of the globe, instead of adopting the somewhat haphazard arrangement of the original edition.

This, and the indices I have added to each volume, will, I hope, greatly hakluyt voyages and discoveries the student.

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