Oficjalna strona Targów: Termin: co roku. Najbliższa edycja: października Miejsce: Niemcy, Frankfurt, Międzynarodowe. dc6ce / america-alla - Альбом "Моя вышивка лентами,ручной гладью,объемной и. Цветущий клевер и божья коровка объемной вышивкой гладью (2).


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From the Kicinsky leased the manor. In the goods were bought by Miechyslav Kicinsky, from Rogala coat of arms. By the manor house were three granaries, outhouse haft przestrzenny pigsty.

Tu mieszka miłośc: haft przestrzenny

However, in the manor house, haft przestrzenny and wooden pigsties were burned to the ground during the stopover of Russian army. In most citizens haft przestrzenny Bialopole, especially Russian population, had to leave this place and move to Russia. Some of them came back inthe others - in In the Russian destroyed the devices of local distillery and took away all machines.

In there were here 82 homes haft przestrzenny Orthodox population and 5 homes of Roman Catholics. Next destructions were caused by military activities during the war with Russia in In the settlement was settled mainly by the Poles, but there also were the Orthodox Ukrainians, Jews and Germans that came haft przestrzenny Bialopole as settlers.


During the occupation the seat of community was haft przestrzenny from Bialopole to Dubienka. From January the Germans began to displace people.

Zielin (powiat gryfiński)

They took away people to Zamosc and then to Germany. Bialopole was seized by the Ukrainians. Haft przestrzenny set up the post in former distillery and shot here the Poles.


The people from 13 villages haft przestrzenny displaced altogether. After the second world war Bialopole left the population of Jewish and Ukrainian descent.

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In the community changed its name onto Haft przestrzenny. The year has an important part in the history of Haft przestrzenny. The electricity was supplied to Bialopole. In November 17th the new school was opened.

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From the first of June the community returned to the Chelm province again. The haft przestrzenny sewage treatment plant was build in One of the very important event was the haft przestrzenny of Roman Catholic parish.

Its first pries was Piotr Stanczak.

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