Download the PDF of the IIFT question paper The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is popular for its MBA in foreign How to Prepare for IIFT GK? You may view the analysis of IIFT paper here. In IIFT the sectional cutoff for GK was marks and with a higher level of. Find out the tips to crack IIFT and learn how you can prepare for IIFT IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign trade) is one of the prestigious.


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A type of new coin introduced by USA b.

A type of Digital currency that uses cryptography c. A type of currency used by Paytm. A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints. In fact GK sectional score gk for iift 2016 IIFT entrance exam commands high importance and the candidate has to qualify in this section also along with other 3 sections.

How to prepare for IIFT 2016?

GK section apart from being a score booster with 30 questions carrying 15 out of marks, requires no special skill to prepare as your gk for iift 2016 reading of news papers, editorials, periodicals and good memory can turn the table in your favour in IIFT entrance exam.

However, candidates have been raising queries on the relevant areas of study to prepare for GK section and its overall importance in IIFT exam.


What could be the outcome if they do not take the General Knowledge section as seriously as other sections, is another query raised by IIFT aspirants. The problem in preparing for GK part according to the aspirants, at this hour is also due to the fact that they are simultaneously preparing for CAT Both the exams will have similar sections gk for iift 2016 for the fact that IIFT will have GK questions also, placed in a separate section and will be a paper pen based exam.

Another point hovering the minds of IIFT aspirants, is where to begin the GK, what topics to prepare since GK gk for iift 2016 no defined syllabus or topics that can be picked out to prepare.

IIFT 2016, SNAP 2016 GK Preparation – Awards, Prizes and Sports Achievements

Besides, marking pattern varies from section to section and from questions to question. Test Components and weightage English comprehension is expected to have 36 gk for iift 2016 on core verbal ability and on Reading comprehension passages.

The difficulty level of questions in this section is comparatively high. General Knowledge and awareness is expected to have 30 questions with a weightage of 15 marks.


It is expected that each GK question will carry 0. You need to understand the pattern as well as syllabus and prepare accordingly. Make a list of all the lessons you need to have on tips.

Make an analysis of the entire course and know gk for iift 2016 topics are easy and on tips, whereas which sections require accuracy and speed from your end.

Practice the weaker sections and areas on a routine basis.

IIFT GK Sample Questions | IIFT GK Syllabus & Study Material | Hitbullseye

Convert them into opportunity. The more you practice, the ease you learn to work with.

Attempt solved questions in the starting, and then shift to unsolved questions. Therefore, all books one keeps handy for CAT exam should suffice, with inclusion of one or more books, which is based to enhance your knowledge on General Awareness. For general awareness section, "the Manorama Year Book" gk for iift 2016 an ultimate guide; it gives you complete insight to current affairs related to economics, sports, technology, schemes etc.

IIFT Add 15% to your score with GK; an important section to get into merit

Keep the Lucent's book handy, which is again a good book that keeps you updated with the latest facts and general knowledge. The best approach to preparing general knowledge would be reading newspaper daily or watching news on a routine basis.

Unlike IIFT paper which was easy and candidates with decent GK could have comfortably attempted about 15 questions, this year the level of difficulty went up and candidates with decent GK would have attempted only around 10 questions in about 8 minutes.

Gk for iift 2016 would have given relief to the candidates were the 6 match the following questions as most of them could have been solved gk for iift 2016 a single match.

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