Futuh al-Ghaib Speeches of the famous shaikh Hazrat Abdul Qadir al-Jeelani (rahmatullah alaih) Book Name: Futuh al-GhaibLanguage: Arabic. "FUTUH AL GHAIB (Revelations of the Unseen)". 13 octobre , About Gous Pak. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani was a noted Hanbali preacher, Sufi. Futuh Al-Ghaib: Revelation of the Unseen [Abdul Qadir Gilani's, Hazrat Shaikh Muhiuddin, Ghaus-Al-Azam, M. Aftab-Ud-Din Ahmad] on *FREE*.


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Futuh Al Ghaib

Tenth Discourse from Futuh al-Ghaib On the self and its states The Shaikh may Allah be well pleased with him, and grant him contentment said: There is Allah, and there futuhul ghaib your own self [nafsuka], and you must address the situation.

The self is the opponent and enemy of Allah. All things are subordinate to Allah, and the self really belongs to Him as a creature and a possession, but the self entertains presumptions and aspirations bound up with carnal appetite and sensual desire. So if you ally yourself with the divine Truth in opposition and hostility toward the self, you will be for Allah's sake an adversary to your own self.

True servitude means being an adversary to your own self. All that is allotted to you will then come to you for your enjoyment and pleasure. You will be held in honor and esteem, and all things will be ready to serve you with dignity and respect, for they are all subordinate to their Lord and in conformity with Him, since He is their Creator and Originator and they acknowledge their servitude to Him.

Allah Exalted is He has said: There futuhul ghaib not a thing that does not celebrate His praise, and yet you do not understand their celebration. Allah Exalted is He says: Follow not desire, lest it lead you astray from Allah's path.

Renounce your passionate desire, for it is vexatious. There is also the well-known story of Abu Yazid al-Bistamii may Allah have mercy upon him.


When he saw the Almighty Lord in a dream, he asked Him: If you are in a state of true devotion, therefore, you must oppose the self by not getting involved with people, whether their behavior be unlawful, merely dubious or even well-intentioned, not depending or relying on them, neither fearing them futuhul ghaib pinning any hopes on them, and not coveting any worldly advantages they may enjoy.

Do not solicit gifts from them in the form of presents, of alms or charity, or of votive offerings. Get rid of all interest in them and in material concerns to the point where, if you had a wealthy relative, you would not want him to die so that you could inherit his wealth.

Separate yourself from creatures in all earnestness. Regard them as a door that swings open and shut, or as a tree that sometimes bears fruit and at other times is barren, all in accordance with the action of a Doer and the management of a Planner, namely Allah Glorious and Exalted is Heso that you may be one who affirms the Unity of the Lord.

At the same time, however, we must not forget futuhul ghaib proper role of human endeavor, to avoid subscribing to the fatalistic doctrine of the Jabariyya.

Futuhul Ghaib - Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani - Google книги

Believe futuhul ghaib no human action is accomplished without Allah. Do not worship His creatures and forget Allah, and do not maintain that our actions are independent of Allah, for that will make you an unbeliever, a subscriber to the [extreme free-will doctrine of the] Qadariyya.

Obey Allah's command in dealing with your fellow creatures. Keep from them what is your allotted share by His command, but do not go beyond this futuhul ghaib.


Allah's verdict in this matter will be imposed on you and on futuhul ghaib, so do not be the judge yourself. Your being with them is a decree of destiny, and futuhul ghaib is shrouded in darkness, so expose that darkness to the Lamp, meaning the Book of Allah and the exemplary practice [Sunna] of His Messenger Allah bless him and give him peace.

Do not step outside these two. If some idea occurs to you, or futuhul ghaib you receive an inspiration, check it against the Book and Sunna. By this criterion, you may find that your idea or inspired notion is declared unlawful.

- Futuh al-Ghaib

Suppose, for instance, you have received an indication to commit fornication, to practice futuhul ghaib, to consort with dissolute and immoral characters, or to behave in some other sinful manner. This you must repudiate, renounce, refuse to accept and refrain from acting out.

Be convinced that it is from Satan the accursed. Perhaps what you find there will be a license, such as that granted to normal appetites for food, drink, clothing or matrimony. This futuhul ghaib should also refuse futuhul ghaib decline to accept, recognizing that the suggestion stems from the lower self and its animal cravings, which you are under orders to oppose and combat.

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