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Universidade de Aveiro; Continuity of care is believed to exist when it is provided in a complementary manner within a suitable period.

Continuity refers to the implementation of care decreto lei 200 67 comentado different providers, in a coherent, logical and timely manner The complexity of current health problems and efficient resource use require a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional approach, due to which the coordination between hospital healthcare and CSP is crucial, thus enabling global intervention at the three levels of prevention.

This coordination requires multi and interdisciplinary teamwork. In decreto lei 200 67 comentado for coordination to exist between the different levels of care, sufficient communication between professionals is essential Continuity of care begins at the service where the person is attended, which results in the need to establish contacts and put into operation the early preparation of the discharge.

In this context, the family is a fundamental link, which is why it is necessary to reflect on decreto lei 200 67 comentado information provided and way of doing it, given the state of vulnerability of the family There are several benefits associated with continuity of care, namely a greater possibility of integration of the physical, psychological, social and economic dimensions; improvement of the relationship between users and care providers; reduction in the improper use of health services decreto lei 200 67 comentado an eventual reduction in costs.

On the other hand, user satisfaction increases with the service, as well as that of the healthcare professional with his or her work Cunha EM, Giovanella L.

Saude Colet ; 16 Supl.

It is essential to reduce the asymmetry of information between users and healthcare providers, with the provision of more information to users of health services The sharing of clinical information can be an important means of supporting the provision and continuity of care, due to the possibility of exchanging information between professions from different levels of care, namely CSP and hospital decreto lei 200 67 comentado.

Better informed users will also be users with a greater capacity for participation European Ministerial Conference on Health Systems: Health Systems, health and wealth.


Information sharing between health services in Portugal is either non-existent or scarce. The development of a model for information sharing and coordination of nursing information systems between hospital and CSP will allow for significant improvement, decreto lei 200 67 comentado continuity of care, of access to and the quality of nursing care provided Acta Paul Enferm ; 18 4: Continuity of care at home is an innovative way of providing care.

According to the author, coordination between services is very weak, lacks coherence and is highly unsystematic.


In order to develop strategies for continuity of care, health organisations must establish different organisational mechanisms, including: A study conducted between and Relevant domains were identified for a specific informational architecture for management of SIEs; namely: Continuity of care in type 2 diabetes: Promoting continuity of care in general practice.

Access and relationship are important for continuity of care to users and their decreto lei 200 67 comentado in CSP.

Decreto lei 67 comentado pdf free

Users recognise the value of continuity of care, which is more important for them in comparison with other aspects, such as quick access or a wide range of services.

Continuity of care was considered in three main aspects Continuity of care - Briefin Paper [serial on the internet] sept [cited Jan 07]; 1 1: Information Continuity - where information, based on previous events and personal circumstances, decreto lei 200 67 comentado used to ensure continuity of care; Management Continuity - where there is a consistent approach for decreto lei 200 67 comentado the healthcare of a user, responding to his or her changing needs; Relationship also referred to as interpersonal Continuity - where there is a continuous therapeutic relationship between a user and one or more care providers.


On analysing the valuation of continuity of decreto lei 200 67 comentado of users and identifying elements of dis continuity based on their experiences in healthcare services in Catalonia, three types of assistance-related continuity were identified, which are related to each other: Each dimension of continuity in providing care refers to an important body of knowledge about the organisation and provision of health care, as a result of which it becomes interesting to learn the perceptions of users about the continuity of care.

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