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Miles to sew before I sleep

My opinions here are based on some 18 or so pre recipes we have found, about half of which we have made, in addition to other materials in our library including early passages on the character of mead.

We currently have on hand 6 recipes for mead dating from the 14th century, of which we have made four. I know this is a bit later than the original daz buoch von quotes spice, but I know of no earlier recipes if you discount going as far back as the Romans.

These recipes use a variable amount of honey. The recipes come from England 4France, 1and Daz buoch von quotes spice 1. At least four of the recipes are for wealthy middle or for upper class persons.

Wurzburg mead from Daz buoch von guoter spise translated by Alia K. And take two maz water and one honey".


The total boils for about 30 minutes not much loss of liquid. Therefore the end honey added is about 4 pounds per gallon, an ale yeast is used. The resulting mead is quite sweet, ameliorated by the addition of hops and sage as the spices.

It is meant to be drunk within 6 weeks of finishing fermentation. The Bochet from Menagier: We have made this, and the resultsing mead is not overly sweet due to the presence of daz buoch von quotes spice spices.

It lasted for about 6 months before going. Again we used an ale yeast. The two recipes here are daz buoch von quotes spice clear. The first is a straightforward mead recipe, which has no clear measurements. When we used this same assumption for the apples and spice version the second recipe we got a spicy and sharp mead poignant or piquant as the recipe says with a life of only a month or so.

The last two recipes are from a 14th century English manuscript. These both use daz buoch von quotes spice same base, with one being a plain mead, and the second a mertheglyn with hyssop, rosemary, centory, thyme, etc.

This recipes calls for 1 gallon honey to 4 gallons water, or about This recipe, similar to the Curye calls for one week fermentation before drinking.

A Short History of German Philosophy - Vittorio Hösle | Ben Steigmann -

This comes out somewhat sweet, very active, daz buoch von quotes spice quite tasty. So, in all, we have four recipes with relatively low honey 2. I don't think there is enough sample to draw conclusions about the general meads made, only enough to say they did vary.

Not surprisingly the latter two are quite sweet and the other four are tart. One recipe does not state a fermentation or daz buoch von quotes spice time, the others give very short times a couple of days to about 2.

The basis for this conclusion is a study of the aforesaid recipes in which about a dozen specify a yeast source. The debate of how much honey was really available in the middle ages is one we have talked about a lot.

Chicken & Pear Soup/ Revel w/o Cause - Miles to sew before I sleep

Keeping in mind that they destroyed bee hives to recover honey, a beekeeper once told us the annual yield from such hives was not too much above pounds.

Another thing to keep daz buoch von quotes spice mind whe talking about honey is that in later years around at least three grades of honey were recognized. Life honey runs from the combs of itself once the combs are cut openthe second grade is recovered from crushing combs, and the third from boiling what is left with some water.

Laura and Michael Angotti Lt Col Robert Gayre, a recognized authority on English mead and its history, cites in one of his books that the fruit juices were used to extend the honey, which was available in larger quantities to daz buoch von quotes spice upper class, but nearly non-existent in the lower class.

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