The Word of God is Jesus Christ, and the words of the Bible tell us about that Word. Therefore, when we study the words of the Bible we always look behind, in, and through those words for God's Word – Jesus Christ. No Christian has a monopoly on understanding either God's Word or the words of the Scripture. 7 Things the Bible Teaches About Discipleship The Gospels' witness to Jesus's teaching, way of life, and relationship with God are. The discipleship characteristics as commanded by Jesus appear not only in this Fellowship; Accountability; Evangelizing and making converts; Bible study.


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The discipleship characteristics as commanded by Jesus appear not only in this commission, but throughout the Gospels. In fact, Jesus converted very few people in His earth ministry in a clear-cut way.

7 Things the Bible Teaches About Discipleship - Seedbed

He literally staked His whole ministry on twelve men. As popular as He was during His earthly ministry, Jesus did not focus on the momentary applause of men but quietly poured His life in those who would multiply. Jesus was not trying to impress the crowd, but usher in a kingdom. Christ expects His followers to be fruitful,6 but often we are not without external motivation and bible study on discipleship.

The life of discipleship, sometimes referred to as spiritual trans formation, is not an immaterial, bible study on discipleship, transcendental life that materializes on its own. It is rather an earthy and intentional descent into practices that were modeled initially in the Old Testament saints and especially in the Psalter.

Jesus modeled these same rhythms throughout his ministry, even if reported only on occasion Matthew The early church also modeled healthy spiritual habits together Acts 2: As these means of grace are engaged, desires and appetites are transformed.

Lesson 5: Effective Discipleship (1 Thessalonians ) |

What was difficult to do becomes more natural 2 Timothy 2: Jesus was betrayed by Judas. But if we bible study on discipleship trials and hardship with steadfast joy, it pleases God and He will use it to help others grow in Christ.

We please God through pure doctrine. God is the God of truth Ps.


Bad doctrine, like junk food, leads to spiritual sickness or disease. To disciple others effectively, feed them sound doctrine and teach them as they grow to feed themselves.

He assumes that they knew about the doctrine of election 1: He had taught them about suffering 1: Of course, we need to distinguish between the essential truths of the faith, which every true believer must affirm, and other doctrines, which may be important, but where godly people may differ.

The gospel and all truths necessary for the gospel are essential. Some other matters, such as bible study on discipleship, spiritual gifts, church government and ordinances, or methods for ministry, are important, but not essential for the gospel.

But when you teach the truth, expect to catch flak! After exhorting Timothy to preach the Word, which includes reproving, rebuking, bible study on discipleship exhorting, Paul warned 2 Tim.

Bible Study on Discipleship

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn bible study on discipleship to myths.

But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. We please God through moral integrity. Peter warned 2 Pet. He added 2 Pet. Again, this begins on the thought level.

We please God by financial integrity.


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