Lecture Notes. Sanjeev Gupta. Uploaded by. Sanjeev Gupta. JNU Application Form JNU Entrance Examination. The ASP Technology. ASP and are server side technologies. Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server. When a  ‎ Web Pages Tutorial · ‎ Razor Markup · ‎ Razor VB Logic. is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by  Stable release‎: ‎ / October 17, ; 11 m.


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Uttar Pradesh Pin Code: I hereby undertake that I have carefully gone throught eligibility conditions prescribed in the prospectus for the porgramme I am applying for and shall appear in the entrance examination after satisfying myself that I do fulfill the same.

If at any stage it is found that I do not fulfil the minimum prescribed eligiblility criteria, asp net notes admission, if granted, shall stand cancelled and I shall have no right to admision asp net notes.

Kindly ensure the clarity of photograph and signature that you have uploaded.

- Wikipedia

The candidate has signed the confirmation page. The candidate has enclosed the copy of the Fee Acknowledgement Slip. The confirmation page sent by courier services will not be accepted.

Last date for receipt the confirmation page is 2nd April up to 5: This is a asp net notes platform technology which speeds up response time. The AJAX server controls add script to the page which is executed and processed by the browser.


However like other ASP. Net server controls, these AJAX server controls also can have asp net notes and event handlers associated with them, which are processed on the server side.

- Introduction

It asp net notes the basic syntax: The ScriptManager control takes care of the client-side script for all the server side controls. The UpdatePanel control is a container control and derives from the Control class.


It acts as a container for the child controls within it and does not have its own interface. When asp net notes control inside it triggers a post back, the UpdatePanel intervenes to initiate the post asynchronously and update just that portion of the page.


For example, if a button control is inside the update panel and it is clicked, only the controls within the update panel will be affected, the controls on the other parts of the page will not be affected. This is called the partial post back or the asynchronous post back.

Add an AJAX web form in your application. asp net notes

It will contain the script manager control by default. Place a button control along with a label control within the update asp net notes control.

Place another set of button and label outside the panel. The design view looks as follows: The source file is as follows: A page can contain more than one update panel with each panel containing other controls like a grid and displaying different part of data.

ASP and ASP.NET Tutorials

When a total post back occurs, the content of the update panel is updated by default. This default mode could be changed by changing the UpdateMode property of the control.

Let us look at other properties of the update panel. Properties of the UpdatePanel Control: The following table shows the properties of the update panel control:

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