Ashfaq Ahmed is a writer, broadcaster, and a playwright as well. He has written many books in Urdu. In Urdu further, his work is divided into different fields like. Ashfaq Ahmed was a writer, playwright and broadcaster from Pakistan. He wrote several books in Urdu. His works included novels, short stories and plays for  Notable awards‎: ‎Sitara-i-Imtiaz‎; ‎Pride of Perfor. Well his best one is Zavia although you may have a look in my personal library: Free Books Mania -Vast ebooks pdf hub. 51 Views. Ahmad Mahmood Iqbql.


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Whereafter, he went to Rome to join Radio Rome as an Urdu newscaster. He also used to teach Urdu at Rome university.

Ashfaq Ahmed: Biography and Books Details - Urdu Writers

He also earned a special training diploma in radio broadcasting from New York University. He started writing stories in his childhood, which were published in Phool [Flower] magazine.

After independence, he relocated to Pakistan got settled in Lahore Punjab since his death. Bano Qudsia, his better half and partner in Urdu abstract circles who is additionally one of the best authors of Ashfaq ahmed books, was also his schoolmate at Government College.

Ashfaq Ahmed - Wikipedia

Ashfaq Ahmed is one of the most renowned names in Urdu Novel and Urdu book writing. He has written some books and stories.

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  • Ashfaq Ahmed: Biography and Books Details
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Among all his books, Zawiya was one of the best and most selling books. Ashfaq Ahmed's inconspicuous comical inclination is reflected in his long-running radio projects and characters like "Talqeen Shah", while a few TV dramatisation arrangements given his ashfaq ahmed books plays of three ashfaq ahmed books back are still delighted in and enjoyed by the viewers.

But then after completing his education, he began teaching as a lecturer at Dial Singh College, Lahore. He taught here in this college for two years.

5 Characteristics of Ashfaq Ahmed’s Books and novels

ashfaq ahmed books Furthermore, he ashfaq ahmed books attached himself in Rome University where he taught Urdu as a teacher. During his residing period in Europe, Ashfaq Ahmad earned diplomas in Italian and French languages from the Sapienza University of Rome to enhance his linguistic proficiency.

Further, he also got a diploma in radio broadcasting from New York University that also added extra qualities in his personality.


Career Ashfaq Ahmed attached himself with literary activities from his early childhood. Later, he got a job in 'Radio Azad Kashmir', which was established on a truck that used to drive around in various parts of Kashmir.

He then got lectureship at Dayal Singh College, Lahore ashfaq ahmed books two years.

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