About the tutorial-common folder. This folder contains resources that are used to convert the tutorial markdown into HTML. They don't have anything. Getting Started with Alfresco Explorer Document Management The Getting Started with Alfresco Document Management Guide is a tutorial that walks you. Obsolete PagesObsolete The official documentation is at: Two options Check out our getting started guides in the.


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Working with Custom Alfresco tutorial TypesJune, SomeCo is going to use Alfresco to manage the authoring process around whitepapers which are subsequently published to their web site.

The remaining articles in the series build on the SomeCo example. This tutorial builds alfresco tutorial the custom content types tutorial.

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It shows how to create rule actions and UI actions. This tutorial builds on the custom content types tutorial by adding support to the content model for user-contributed ratings of whitepapers.

The custom behavior is used to calculate alfresco tutorial average rating for each piece of rated content. The tutorial starts by describing alfresco tutorial workflow concepts and steps for implementing advanced workflows in Alfresco using Activiti and then alfresco tutorial into the details by walking you through an example.


The integration of third-party partners is handled through email—recipients simply click a link to approve or reject the workflow task. The link invokes web scripts to signal the workflow alfresco tutorial take the appropriate path in alfresco tutorial process.

The article first takes you through an overview of the specification. Then, I do several examples. Source Code The source code for these tutorials resides on GitHub. The mapping of URL to controller is done through an XML descriptor which is responsible for declaring the URL pattern, whether the script requires a transaction or not, and the authentication alfresco tutorial for the script.

Introduction to the Web Script Framework | ECM Architect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials

The descriptor optionally alfresco tutorial arguments that can be passed to the script as well as the response formats alfresco tutorial are available. The response formats are mapped to FreeMarker templates through naming convention. The descriptor, the server-side JavaScript controller, and the FreeMarker templates that collectively make up a web script can reside either in the Alfresco content repository or on the file system.

If a web script controller is written in Java, the class must reside somewhere on the classpath.

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With these very basic building blocks you can build a lot of cool stuff. There are three alfresco tutorial available out-of-the-box: The JSR runtime allows portlets to invoke web scripts directly.


You can write your own runtime if these don't meet your needs. Alfresco may add more in the future.

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This tutorial focuses exclusively on the servlet runtime. Your First Web Script Let's walk through some examples.


You're going to start with a very simple "Hello World" web script. After that, alfresco tutorial examples will get progressively more complex until, at the end, you will have alfresco tutorial REST-based interface for creating, reading, and deleting SomeCo whitepaper ratings.

Hello World Example Let's implement the most basic web script possible: A "Hello World" script that echoes back an argument. You'll need one descriptor and one FreeMarker template.

Getting Started tutorials

Log in to Alfresco Share as an administrator. Create a file called helloworld. Now go to http:

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